Problems with teeth may seriously screw up the everyday life. Even the smallest defect promptly strike the eye during communication. This do not only gets the reason of self-distrust, but also spoils the general impression about a person. We should not forget about the toothache. It is almost impossible to stand it, even after using of strong analgesics. That’s why the care of teeth should be inculcated from the early childhood and should not be forgetten during the whole life. In our dental clinic “Master Smile” in Prague you can get the consultation of the experienced specialist, who will help you get rid of your problems and will help to prevent the appearence of the new ones.

Master Smile” dental office is the decision of all dental problems.

 Our dental office “Master Smile”suggest you a lot of services. The most wanted among them are:

-Professional dental hygien is the removal of plack and stones by special equipment. Regular performing of these procedures not only saves the natural beaty of your smile, but also decreases the possibility of appearance teeth and gums diseases.
– Dental restorations. This procedure implies repairing of the external view of teeth and their initial function. It can be needed after traumas and as a result of definite diseases.
– Extraction. Unfortunately this procedure is sometimes a necessity, if it is impossible to treat the tooth.

-Prosthetics. Reparation of the tooth row by ceramic, metal-ceramic crowns or removable dentures.

– Teeth bleaching. Using the professional system of whitening by the chemical substanses and the lamp the color of teeth gets lighter until the desired result.

Conservative dentistry

Treatment of caries, pulpitis and its complications.


Treatment of periodontitis, parodontitis and other gum deseases.


Extractions of permanent teeth and deciduous teeth.

Dental hygiene

Cleaning of teeth, professional hygiene of the oral cavity, Air Flow and ultrasound cleaning.

Dental prosthetics

Crowns, metal-ceramic, ceramics metalfree, dental briges, veneers.


Professional office whitening and home whitening

Tooth whitening restores the natural tooth shade and it is achieved by having the teeth cleaned by a professional clean or at home. Whitening is among the most well known restorative dental methods since it can extraordinarily enhance how your teeth look. Most dental specialists perform tooth whitening.

There are several main types of whitening techniques. We could provide the information about whitening methods and help you choose which one is right for you.

Whitening is not a one-time procedure. It should be repeated every once in a while in order to keep the brighter color.